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Client Project

The Starfish Canada

Everyone can make a difference, no matter how small

“The Starfish Canada celebrates and amplifies environmental, solutions-based stories across the nation, with a focus on youth-based initiatives” — Kyle Empringham, Founder, The Starfish Canada

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The Starfish Canada is a volunteer run organization working to celebrate and amplify the Canadian youth conservation movement. Their mission is to celebrate and showcase initiatives undertaken by young environmentalists through providing them with a platform and mentorship to help them amplify their impact.

Kyle Empringham, the founder and CEO of The Starfish Canada came to us for optimization of the current website for web and mobile.

We were tasked with creating a responsive design that is user friendly and clearly articulates the mission of the NGO. 


Project Deliverables

User Research & CC Analysis & Content Audit

User Persona & Storyboarding & Customer Journey Maps

Feature prioritization

Site map & User flow


Usability testing


The Challenge

We identified the following as the business goals: 

  1. Increase brand awareness → generate traffic to the website 

  2. Increase involvement → get people to engage with the material on the website

  3. Spread the environmental movement

  4. Connect youth across Canada

After exploring the current website and doing a content audit, as well as creating customer journey maps, it became clear that the content hierarchy needed work. The navigation was also a point of confusion for the user. The most well known program would redirect the user to a different website, and the CTA to donate was worded differently all throughout the website (lacked consistency).



The Solution

We created a responsive design that clearly showcases what the organization is all about.  The website celebrates the projects of young environmentalists by proving a platform for them to amplify their impact.

  1. User experience is improved through a clear navigation bar and content hierarchy - exploring the website is made more intuitive

    • Their most well known program 'Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25'  was hosted under a different domain → this was moved back under the main domain to increase brand awareness, to make sure that those who are interested in this program can also learn about other programs run by the organization.

  2. Visually oriented website yet showcases articles in a clear manner

  3. Clear CTA to allow people to easily join the movement and contribute


You can view the prototypes below!