Mana Habibian
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Client Project

Granted Consulting

Empowering small businesses through grants

Have you accessed any part of the $7+ billion dollars of grant funding and tax credits provided to Canadian business and organizations last year?



Granted Consulting is a Vancouver based company with the main goal of helping small to medium sized businesses achieve their full potential by getting government funding through grants. They help manage the grant application process from start to finish and streamline this process for their clients.

As there aren’t many companies in this industry, Granted Consulting frequently receive more calls and requests for assistance than they are able to accommodate. 

Therefore, my team and I were tasked with creating an application that would provide the same function as the company, but on a smaller scale appropriate for smaller business owners. To help them go through the grant application process steps easily on their own.


Project Deliverables

User Research & CC Analysis

User Persona & Storyboarding

Feature prioritization

Site map & User flow


Usability testing


The Challenge

Through research, we were presented with many problems. The process of applying for a grant is extremely complex, time-consuming, and ever-changing. 

  • Through interviews, I realized that one of the most difficult parts of applying for grants is finding what you are eligible for and sifting through all the information on government websites -  People are overwhelmed with information and need guidance / have difficulty understanding the grant process

  • Business owners are busy and don't have the time to sift through thick amounts of data for hours only to realize that they still aren't clear on what they are eligible to apply for.

  • Grant requirements change on a weekly basis, sometimes even daily - another frustration is knowing about the changes that are made to the applications.

The main challenges that we identified through our research and aimed to solve was 1. Finding a way to streamline the grant process while keeping the user engaged &  2. Making the process simpler, faster and less confusing.


The Solution

We created a web application that allows the user to have a database of all eligible grants which are customized based on a few questions, upon entering the app. Then onboarding screens greet a first time user so that they understand the steps of the grant application process. Through our interviews, I realized that not many people are familiar with all the steps before you get your grant, that is why we included the 4th onboarding screen which clearly shows the steps of the process. The same progress bar is featured throughout the app. 


The app clearly guides the user through the process and keeps them engaged and on track by giving them notifications  and reminders about the stages of the application. 

The user can easily go through the grant process without the confusion and frustration of having to find the information on their own, and they are able to get the funding that their business needs.